About chakras
Chakras are energy receivers and -transmitters in our bodies, though which energy flows. The word chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit. The chakras rotate to move energy inwards, the same way a whirlpool sucks water downwards. (Not everybody experiences it this way, however.) Our bodies are nourished by food and water and by energy. You can’t see energy with your naked eye, but a lot of people do feel it. When you walk into a room and suddenly have a very good feeling, for instance. Or when you have to speak in front of an audience and you have a lump in your throat. Depending on the chakra with which you perceive it, you may experience this energy sensorily, emotionally, aurally, visually, rationally or spiritually.
Energy actually can ‘enter’ our body everywhere (since we are energy as well), but there are 7 chakra’s that have key roles to play in this; each has its own department so to speak:
1. Muladhara (root, support (of the root))
Earth, safety, survival. Solid, manifest, one. Coccyx (tailbone)/ perineum.
2. Svadhisthana (sweetness, seat of life)
Water, pleasure/fun, sexuality. Fluid, movement, two. Lower belly, genitals, uterus.
3. Manipura (lustrous gem, jewel city)
Fire, wil, power, force/strengh. Plasma, action, transformation, three. Solar plexus/ in between navel and breastbone.
4. Anahata (unbeaten, unstruck (sound))
Air, love, compassion. Gas, connection, space. Heart.
5 Vishuddi (pure, purification)
Sound, communication, creativity. Vibration, transfer, transmission. Throat.
6 Ajna (monitoring center, command)
Light, vision, ability to distinguish. Image, perception, intuition. Third eye, between the eyebrows.
7 Sahasrara (thousandfold (Unlimited))
Spirit, thought, knowing. Information, unity, insight. Crown. 
When all chakra´s are open and function healthily, you feel happy and whole: safe, stable, cheerful, empowered to do what you want, connected with yourself, your (social) surroundings, the earth and the higher/divine(_being/self), express your joy, see the miracles of life and know yourself to be one with All that is.

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