Lovesenergy’s philosophy
Yoga and coaching at lovesenergy have the ingredients of lovesenergy as a base. The strength of acceptance, patience, space and attention, amongst others, are present at every session or lesson. Sometimes the focus will be on these qualities, but more often they’re subtly there on the background. This energy helps to allow change processes to take place naturally, so nothing will be forced in coaching sessions and yoga lessons.
From the viewpoint of the ingredients for lovesenergy everything already is good, exactly as it is. Including suffering, confusion and ignorance. And including change.
The changing nature of live is a given. A human being can suffer in an innumerable number of ways by resisting this fact. Living in resistance to natural change processes results in unnecessary suffering. The ingredients for lovesenergy allow people to become aware of this, in order for them to suffer less and less unnecessarily and centre themselves more and more, being their true self, their natural strength.
The energy that is thus cultivated is as a light that shows us ever more truth and reality right through the veils of mind. Above all, it gives an indestructible support, because this energy simply is, doesn’t take any specific form and make contact with that which is endlessly present, always and everywhere. Then it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, whether you’re a man or a woman, gay or straight, young or old, rich or poor, sick or healthy, angry or sad, happy or confused. Lovesenergy is without judgement. Everybody is continually subject to change and development in life. Everybody has to learn how to deal with that.
Lovesenergy doesn’t guarantee unchanging happiness. The ingredients for lovesenergy allow you to live as only you can. Allow you to be who you are, to grow, get stuck, transcend yourself, get stuck again, gain insights, learn, play, do foolish things, be dissatisfied, laugh et cetera. When you learn to look at this with the ingredients for lovesenergy, you’ll feel more choice; you’ll experience more space and more freedom. Living from lovesenergy also teaches you to make contact with the unchanging in you. 
Everybody builds his or her existence more or less on foundations of their ideas about guarantees for happiness, until one becomes more conscious. When you see through an illusion, change automatically happens. This can be very painful. Sometimes so painful you’d rather avoid the confrontation with reality (which has its consequences). With the ingredients for lovesenergy you'll dare to face the challenges more easily and your learning process will be lighter and will be sped up a little. Becoming more conscious and having painful insights sometimes go hand in hand, but the ingredients for lovesenergy cultivate an awareness of a state of being which accepts what is without resistance that allows change to take place, gives space to live. It shows you that what happens is a part of life and doesn’t have to stand in the way of your being, your essence, you, whenever you no longer get in the way of it.
Lovesenergy gives you space to change and offers guidance and tools to help you along in the process in the form of yoga and coaching. 

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